A convenient workspace

Shared Open Desk-Kes 200 Per Hour

Shared Partitioned Desk-Kes 250 Per Hour

Dedicated Desk-Kes 300 Per Hour


Meeting Room

Spacious meeting room

Kes 1,000 Per Hour


Spacious workspace

Shared Open Desk-Kes 700 Per Day

Shared Partitioned Desk-Kes 850 Per Day

Dedicated Desk-Kes 1,000 Per Day

Meeting Room

Spacious meeting room

Kes 3,000 Per Half Day


Spacious meeting room

Kes 5,000 Per Whole Day


C0-working Office Space

Shared Open Desk-Kes 2,800 Per Week

Shared Partitioned Desk-Kes 3,400 Per Week

Dedicated Desk-Kes 4,000 Per Week


C0-working Office Space

Shared Open Desk-Kes 11,200 Per Month

Shared Partitioned Desk-Kes 13,600 Per Month

Dedicated Desk-Kes 16,000 Per Month

Flexible Pricing

Shared Open Desk  

Ksh. 11,200 per month 

Ksh. 2,800 per week (5 working days)

Ksh. 700 per day

Ksh. 200 per hour

Dedicated Desk  

Ksh. 16, 000 per month 

Ksh. 4,000 per week (5 working days)

Ksh. 1,000 per day

Ksh. 300 per hour

Private Office 

Ksh. 19,200 per month  

Ksh. 4,800 per week (5 working days)

Ksh. 1,200 per day

Ksh. 500 per hour

Partitioned Desk 

Ksh. 13,600 per month  

Ksh. 3,400 per week (5 working days)

Ksh. 850 per day

Ksh. 250 per hour

Virtual Package 1

Office address

Postal address

Ksh. 1,500 per month

Virtual Package 2

Office address

Postal address

Safe Box / Locker at Merime

Ksh. 2, 000 per month

Meeting Room

Ksh. 5,000 full day

Ksh. 3,000 half day

Ksh. 1,000 per hour

Come visit us at Merime Coworking. You can do an in-person visit or contact our team via our contact details. For online registration, you can fill this form and submit.

Available Amenities

Reliable and Speedy Wi-Fi

Stay connected and productive with our high-speed internet connection, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted work.

Fully Equipped Kitchenette

Enjoy the convenience of a well-equipped kitchenette with utensils, a fridge, and a microwave for your dining needs.

Printing and Photocopying Services

Take care of your document needs with our efficient printing and photocopying services.

Free Coffee

Fuel your workday with complimentary coffee, creating a pleasant and energizing atmosphere.

Flexible Desk Options

Choose from dedicated desks, shared open spaces, and partitioned desks based on your work preferences.

Private Offices

Enjoy privacy and focus in our two private office spaces, perfect for individual work or small teams.

Events Space

Host successful workshops, seminars, networking events, or social gatherings in our versatile events space, complete with customizable seating arrangements.

Outdoor Chill Areas

Take advantage of our relaxing outdoor spaces, providing a serene atmosphere for meetings or casual conversations.

Green Environment

Immerse yourself in a green workspace with plants both indoors and outdoors, promoting a refreshing and vibrant ambiance.

Merime Solutions offices provide a quiet and serene environment that allows you to be productive.

Whether you want to take a break from working from home or you have travelled to Kilifi and want a place to sit and quickly respond to emails or meet some deadlines, we got you.

You can additionally book for private services like:


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Book a space

Outdoor office space

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Meeting Room

Shared Open Space

Partitioned Desk

Dedicated Desk

Private Office

Virtual Package 1

Virtual Package 2

Coworking space merime


What our clients say about us

Conducive working environment and a great place if you really want to focus on your work. Well organized and with good internet. There aren’t many shared workspaces in Kilifi and was really glad to find them online. Will definitely be back when in Kilifi!

Caroline Indakwa

Web Design

Did an excellent job by designing our website from scratch. Would recommend them any day anytime.

Eugene Ochogo

Co-working Space

Definitely a place all remote workers should know/or if working away from the office. I love how conveniently the place is located within Kilifi town. The office is quiet and great view if you get a window seat. The hosts are kind and receptive. would highly recommend this place to anyone around Kilifi or visiting.

Birya Kanze

Working Space

Nice quiet working space in Kilifi town with reliable internet and comfortable seats. Also an affordable daily rate. Will come back again.

Steve Ogechi

Co-working space

If you or anyone is looking for a conducive workspace in Kilifi, look no further. As a regular client, I would vouch for them any day. The location of the office is great. The offices are located in a serene, quiet and ambient location where you are able to catch the cool breeze from the ocean. They boast of a large meeting room, clean and enough working space and very fast Internet connectivity.

Stanley Wanjala


This is my third month at Merime Solutions and I am not regretting to be here. It has the best workspace with conducive environment for productivity. The workspace is cool with minimal distractions. I have access to a meeting room for my private call meetings, fast and stable internet and coffee breaks. The environment is super clean and well organised. The Merime Solutions team is friendly and welcoming. This has made me to productive and efficient at my work.

Faith Neema Benson


Merime is a cool and quiet place to work—the place to go if you don’t want any distractions. They are very professional and value your privacy.
I like the fast internet connection. It’s reliable, with rarely any downtimes. Oh, and you get free coffee!

Elvis Shida

Merime Services

Best, Reliable, Professional.
I love their services, especially on POS & web design and would recommend them anytime.

Raymond Edgar